I have been working in customer service for 4 years. Previous to starting NSS, I didn't have any programing experience. What I love about web development is the challenge of forming ideas and turning them into a reality, that other people can interact with. Before joining NSS, I had talked to NSS alumni who had nothing but great things to share about their learning experience, which inspired me to look into programs offered by the school. Stuff and students at NSS are welcoming and encouraging. Especially as someone who constantly struggles due to luck of coding skills, I have found a home at NSS.


The technologies I have learned in the course are mainly the index.html, main.css, and javascript. I have seen the functionality and the relationship between index.html, main.css, and javascript. Through individual , and group assignments. The modular javascript with import, export and the connection between an external app such firebase are one of the advanced technologies that I have come to learn so far here at NSS.